Highland Cattle

Come and meet Pant Hwfa Highlands.

Highland is a Scottish breed of cattle that come from the Scottish Highlands and the Outer Hebrides islands. They have long horns and a long shaggy coat. Highland is a tough breed and are able to withstand harsh weather and temperatures. These cattle are well known for their lovely temperament and are known for being docile.

These cattle are part of our fold of Highland Cattle.

Fold – The collective name for a group of highland cattle is a fold. The word ‘fold’ dates back to the olden days in Scotland when highland cattle were brought into an open stone shelter at night called a fold. This protected them from the weather and wolves.

Horns – All highland calves are born with horn buds. The horns start to be visible within the first few months of life and after about 3 years will have taken their mature shape. They continue to grow throughout the life of the animal but at a much slower rate. The horns contain blood vessels and are warm to touch.

Coat – Highland cattle come in a variety of different colours – the red, yellow, white, black, dun, silver and brindle.

Dossan – The fringe, or dossan, protects their eyes from wind and rain in the winter and in the summer it protects their eyes from insects.